Legend of Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co., LTD (V)

In November 2015, Jindi CEO Wang Lingjuan won the Zhejiang science and technology progress second prize, with “key technology and industry application project of highly weather resistant plastic composite profiles functional”, personally issued by the people's government of Zhejiang province (certificate no. : 2014-2-052 - J R04). This honor is the recognition of provincial leadership for Jindi achievement.

In the process of the transformation and upgrading of forestry enterprises, under the guidance of Wang Lingjuan CEO, the Jindi group will follow the business concept of “continuously introducing healthy high-quality wooden household products to the market”, to further improve and perfect the enterprise standardization system. Jindi will implement standardized management of the whole process, improve product quality, enhance the enterprise core competitiveness, adhere to the innovation drive, and drive development of the forestry industry rapidly and healthily, and dedicated to society with high quality healthy products.

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Legend of Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co., LTD (IV)

The group also attaches great importance to the establishment of the standard. In addition to the establishment of internal control standards such as the enterprise internal purchasing, production, sales and service, we also actively participate in the process of making the wooden door national/industry standard. As the main drafting unit, Jindi involved in the establishment of industry standards “bathroom furniture GB 24977-2010” and “the wooden door installation specification SB/T10725-2012”.

 At the beginning of 2015, Jindi Group formally identified as “National Forestry Standardization Demonstration Enterprise”. “Demonstration enterprise” is recognized by the state forestry administration and the national standardization management committee, the valid period is three-year (from 2015.1 to 2017.12). In the list there are only 46 forestry enterprises, and the Jindi Group is selected as the only forest products enterprise in Hangzhou area.

Jindi Group, through innovative research and the formulation of standards, develops itself, and at the same time it also promoted standardization, sustainable and healthy development of the industry. 

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Legend of Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co., LTD (III)

As wood door industry leader, Jindi always put the science and technology innovation in the core position in company comprehensive development. In 2007, we set up “Jindi Group – Zhejiang University Science and Technology Research Center of New building Materials”, and we continuously to overcome technical difficulties, to seek new breakthroughs. After repeated research and exploration, we get 2 invention patents -- the WPC material which is water resistance and its preparation method, anti-fire material and its preparation method. 28 innovation patents such as lock type edge banding decorative door, dovetail groove edge banding decorative door, and also 54 appearance patents.

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Legend of Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co., LTD (II)

Jindi group produce laminated composite wood, paint composite door, solid wood door, wall panel, decorative wood line, bathroom furniture, a whole wardrobe and high-grade wood plastic environmental decoration materials and other products. In 30 years, Jindi wins highly reputation and market recognition with its perfect and stable quality, and Jindi won the top 3 reputation in Top 30 Chinese wood door for 10 years in a row.

Its product coverage throughout the country is No.1 in China, with about 1200 Jindi stores in domestic market, and exported to more than 70 countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and so on. In addition to the main building materials production and sales of environmental protection health home outfit, the group company also invested in other areas, such as hotels and schools, which also get consistent high praise in the industry.

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Legend of Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co., LTD (I)

Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group Co., LTD is located in Guali Town, Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou City. It founded in 1986, and covers an area of 173160 M2, with existing staff 1200 people. Now it is one of Xiaoshan District Top 100 Enterprises, Hangzhou Strength Growth Industry Enterprises, Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise, Zhejiang Cultivate Industry Backbone Enterprises and the Ministry of Agriculture Department Medium First-Level Private Enterprises.

At present, the group has three production bases, a world's top mold design center, five imported automatic production lines, exquisite workmanship and perfect ISO management system. Advanced production technique and technology are both belong to the group’s independent intellectual property rights. The idea of Jindi brand reputation is global known in wood door industry and the consumers' mind. Jindi is the leading brand that consumers recognized in wood door industry, is the pioneer and leader of China laminated door.

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Goldea shares good idea with you—How to improve our bathroom (V)

No remodel is complete yet until the finishing touches have been added — in this case, the bathroom decor.

In this particular room, the term decor can be used rather loosely; even a toilet paper holder can add to the style of the space if chosen correctly. But sometimes a toilet paper cannot be water resistant, which will bring you a lot of troubles. Pick fixtures with finishes that reflect the look you are trying to achieve, and match or coordinate soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and wastebaskets for a cohesive feel.

If you’re lucky enough to have some extra counter or wall space, add some artwork or a decorative vase with fresh flowers. Wow, beautiful. For those that aren’t looking to do a full renovation, a smaller scale bathroom makeover can be achieved just by simply swapping out some of your old accessories and changing the color scheme with new linens or paint. Goldea believes that everyone can do it.

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Goldea shares good idea with you—How to improve our bathroom (IV)

Because the layout and storage options are pretty standard and limited, picking interesting materials is the key for helping your bathroom renovation stand out. 

Tile offers a wide variety of colors and styles, which makes it a popular flooring choice, while mosaic tiles are commonly used in showers. The grout can be challenging to clean and waste a lot of time though, so stone or granite might be better shower alternatives.

Just like in a kitchen, implementing a fun tile backsplash or countertop color can help liven up otherwise dull bathrooms. And last but not least, don't forget the hardware! Sometimes hardware can decorate your bathroom more delicate. Cabinet pulls, shower heads and faucets come in a variety of finishes, which allows you to add bits and pieces of personality. 

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Goldea shares good idea with you—How to improve our bathroom (III)

Vanities are getting bigger and bigger every year, and for good reason — storage is in constant demand. People also like big vanities because those can help them to store more things.

Because of this condition, Goldea thinks about ways that can help you to add more to your space. An oversized or double vanity is always a good option, while wall-mounted cabinets and medicine cabinets are helpful too.

If space is at a minimum, recessed or built-in designs can help save precious elbow room while adding enough spots to stash your toiletries. For example mirror cabinets can be built in the wall. Organization is the key to creating space-saving bathrooms, so within any cabinets or shelving you add, incorporate drawer organizers, trays and bins to keep smaller accessories in check.

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Goldea shares good idea with you—How to improve our bathroom (II)

Bathrooms can be tricky to layout, especially when they’re tight on space. So here Goldea would like to give you suggestion. If your family doesn't take many baths, don't feel the need to include a bathtub; you can use that extra space for a double vanity or large storage cabinet instead.

On the other hand, some future buyers might want a tub, so be sure there's at least one in the house. Or in the future you’ll feel quite inconvenient. Walk-in showers are also popular, though they take up space, while you have to agree with Goldea that bathtub and shower combos are the best of both worlds.

If you have a large family, you might want to separate the toilet and shower from the sink so multiple people can get ready at once. Don’t feel troublesome because you’ll be thankful in the future. Ultimately, what is practical for your family will probably also be practical for future buyers, so go with what works for you first and foremost. Also, be aware of the National Kitchen and Bath Association planning guidelines so that you and your contractor can plan a safe and functional layout that meets proper code compliance. 

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Goldea shares good idea with you—How to improve our bathroom? (I)

As one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, bathrooms always play a big role. It can make or break a deal when buying or selling a home. Homeowners are looking for spaces that don't require a lot of work that is why bathroom remodels can make the biggest impact and influence on your resale value. As you get ready to do a renovation, think about what works for your family, as well as what other homeowners might look for. Goldea Bathroom Furniture can always help you to solve this trouble.

Today, double vanities and walk-in showers are popular, while oversized bathtubs and ample storage are also frequently sought after. As you take a look at various bathroom ideas, keep in mind your space limitations, desired materials and costs before jumping into a major (or minor) project. Goldea can also offer your 3D design software. If you cannot image, just design it in this software, which will help you to reflect the real bathroom scene.


The fashion trend of interior decoration in 2016 (V)

Another design is to let your perceptual beyond your reason! Morocco soft pillow has become the latest must-haves in the many families now, they apply to almost any style of house, especially in the children room and local kindergarten.

Morocco soft pillow owns the advantages of style diversity, small footprint, and soft enough. Small pillow can be placed anywhere in the home, and also have the effect of the mass-tone attune emphasis on design; also can make the house look more modern. Don’t be surprise, maybe in the next 10 years they are the hottest products.

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The fashion trend of interior decoration in 2016 (IV)

Another popular design trend is to completely bare the brick wall. Indeed, as we know, in the late 80s and early 90s, people preferred to extremely clean design, and kept their reservations for bare brick walls.

But today, designers finally find that instead of white painted walls, let it completely "naked" is more interesting. After all, compared with boring painted walls, bare brick is rich in color, texture changes, which involves a feeling of industry.

If your home is concrete walls, there is no brick wall, you can try to use the bare brick wall stickers (like the picture below shows), easy to build a "naked" brick texture!

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The fashion trend of interior decoration in 2016 (III)

Do you remember, decorating walls with wallpaper seems to be only popular in the 90s? This concept has been gradually changed, modern interior designer once again found the benefits of the wallpaper.

There is no doubt that at the beginning of the 21st century, economic crisis become one of the reasons for the wallpaper regression. Of course, there are some other reasons, such as the widespread popular of neutral background, gray's sudden popularity. All of these reasons let more people are willing to choose wallpaper in decoration for faster and more convenient.

Natural elements (such as leaves, flowers), large geometrical design elements and medieval elements are lasting factors. For example, the famous interior designer David hicks once chose hexagon wallpaper, which is hottest product till now.

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The fashion trend of interior decoration in 2016 (II)

Coincidently, another kind of retro trend is also being awakened! This kind of design is very different from that pure classical design, and we can be sure that with the acceptance of various innovative designs in this society, this different retro trend will be very hot at least in 10 years.

Conservationists don't throw old plates and crates in the rubbish dump. They will improve them, and modify them to brand new tea table and screen.

Go to local second-hand market to find something interesting, and play your own DIY skills. As long as there are ideas, can new things produced from old stuff by you. For those whose sundry room is already full, new use is definitely a good way to clean up the sundry!

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The fashion trend of interior decoration in 2016 (I)

Maybe it seems hard to find out the forever fashion trend of decoration. But actually we can get the regularity of annual decoration fashion trend, which is thought completely illogical by most of you.

People always hope to escape from reality to the past, so that this kind of thought generates the retro trend of interior decoration. In recent years, early 50s classical design style is staging a comeback, even including Bohemia design style.

Most of retro designs are relatively classical, and they will not be outdated in a long time. Among retro designs, middle age designs obviously are the most durable ones, especially baroque design will be popular for a time.

So if you want to pursue these fashion design style, let’s travel in time to go back to see those classical interior designs.
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